1. No, he’s not gay at all.

  2. Schweddy Snatch

    Wow. That was fast.

  3. Tiggles

    You must mean “Bath House” not “Beach House”.

  4. EricLR

    Ebonyyyy and leecher kingggg

  5. Wow. He got launched out of the closet with a cannon.

  6. “Evan, thanks for pulling this out of my ass. I can’t believe you were able to get all the way up there and get ahold of it.”

  7. What are 2 gay guys that claim they are straight for $250 Alex.

  8. Jade

    His new wife is very pretty.

  9. Shannon

    Is his family still trying to convince us he’s NOT gay?

  10. The first gay doctor, his “companion”, and his trusty Sonic thaaaaaaaaaaats not a screwdriver.

  11. Guys, I’ll be honest. I don’t think this Miami Vice reboot is going to play well in the middle America.

  12. You are going to want the kids to leave the room if you are sticking around to see what happens next.

  13. Rican

    He still thinks of Tony Romo

  14. Joe just uncorked…his ass.

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