1. “Miss Bum Bum” sounds a lot cuter than “Miss Butt”

  2. I don’t know who these gentleman are, but their assess aren’t half bad.

  3. Why can’t we have fucking shows like this in the US??

    You know it would be a hit. And dont even get me started with the lack of advertisers, they fucking pay for Honey Boo-boo and all those fucked up child beauty pageants with the fat fuck moms

  4. Cock Dr

    These are the women I wanna see twerking….from a safe distance.

  5. oh Bwazil, you wascal

  6. crb

    Is this part of the launch sequence countdown after a dinner at Taco Bell?

    I mean why the measuring device? Do they put that funny echo on the left one’s voice when she counts? The fueling-derrick has already moved away, right?

  7. crb

    And if you’re going to ruin a great ass with a Nascar sponsor tattoo, then which company is it that has a house centipede as their logo? Hrm,…

  8. Eliana Amaral’s ass is nothing to scoff at either.

  9. Neither one of these fatasses would even get a look on a beach in Brazil. I’ve seen better looking asses on the Brazilian strippers in Newark.

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