1. EricLR

    Dude, thanks for your service. If you ever need me to hook you up with fedoras or pilgrim shirts, I totally got your back!

  2. PathosAvenger

    That horse has nice boobz.

  3. Stella Watten

    How long has Dee Snider been black ?

  4. The hands in this picture make it too much like an Escher piece

  5. “wait…you’re saying Afghanistan is a REAL place?”

  6. “Wait, do I sign this ‘To Bradley’, or ‘To Chelsea’?”

  7. fuckface

    “You think YOU have been in the SHIT…Let me tell you how I almost lost a CAREER. There I was, on stage, at Super Bowl 38.” (takes a slow drag on his cigarette) ” It was mayhem, ya know. Everything is lit up, no where to hide, movements in the shadows. It was HELL…”

  8. “Justin, I served with your father; he wanted me to give this watch…”

  9. “There’s a black man touching me, don’t panic, don’t panic”

  10. I’m not saying either person is gay but they sure look like they are having a gay-down.

  11. “As long as got my suit and tie…Oh shit.”

  12. For the crime of stealing black music, and dancing a little too well for a lily white kid, the Nation of Islam is forcing Timberlake to switch clothes with that soldier so they can ship him off to war.

  13. “No, listen soldier, this is very important…does the $1,000 include ass to mouth?”

  14. ffs who dresses timberlake?
    let me guess- jay-z?

  15. Voice of Reisling

    “Don’t ask.”

    “Don’t tell.”

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