1. Wait… you can just do that outside Terry Richardson’s studio?

  2. gaga’s profile really highlights how non-pretty the bitch is.

  3. catapostrophe

    No conventional mainstream pop music star would allow her fans to grope her breasts like that. But then Lady Gaga is a different kind of mainstream pop music star.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Hey, Terry! It’s OK, I know the drill. Go ahead and grope me and we can start shooting.”
    “I’m not Ter- Sure, why not?”

  5. that sign spelled “skanks” wrong

  6. Sometimes the signs in the background are more interesting than the people in the foreground.

  7. ultra

    she’s checking to see if the tanks are overfull.

  8. So basically Terry Richardson’s studio is a sovereign nation where as long as you wear a plaid shirt you can sexually assault women?

  9. heey

    it is clear the secret she covers up through the court documents is she used to be a man, female hormones can only do so much, look at that lady gaga, she is a man
    and that girl in the background is same as the girl in severeal different day photos in los angeles, fan followed her to new york, stalk much?

  10. Why pay ridiculously high concert ticket prices when you can wait in line outside Terry Richardson’s place and grope Lady Gaga for free?

  11. BUT. DO. SHE. HAV. GRILLZ.?.

    i didint think so.

  12. CtF

    I don’t think Ichabod Crane appreciates being publicly fondled.

  13. So…is it only chubby chicks allowed to grope Gaga in public or can I get in on this?

  14. Your move, Katy Perry.

  15. Peewee Herman got implants?

  16. How edgy.

    Then again, this is Gaga in the vicinity of Richardson …

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