1. alex

    And You know this is “on set” because she’s way too big of a star and “voice of her generation” to carry someone else’s beverage.

  2. anonymous

    Said it before and will say it again…. this chick ALWAYS as food nearby.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “‘Try a smoothie’ they said. ‘It tastes just like a milkshake and it makes you feel good’ they said.”

  4. “Look, I’m dating Superman AND Batman!”

  5. EricLR

    Celery juice, orange juice, tomato juice, eggnog milkshake with extra fat…

  6. “Garçon! Coffee!”
    “Garçon means boy.”
    “What’s your point?”

  7. Keep drinking your calories, pig

  8. Someone drive this dude to Old Navy.

  9. Keno

    Two small cup sizes with long straws for sucking, we get it…you show them on the show ALL the time.

  10. Drundel

    Who is she kidding, she is going to drink all of those.

  11. She breaks that strap and gets away from Cesar Millan, and she won’t stop until she finishes the cardboard and the plastic bag.

  12. She’s her own PA like a chubby ugly girl should be.

  13. If we could put her and Farrah Abraham in a car and launch it over a cliff, I would be okay with that.

  14. Jenn

    I don’t want to see what’s behind those smoothies. Ew.

  15. If nothing else she hopes to be remembered as the progenitor of frumpy chic.

  16. I kind of feel bad for her. No amount of make-up or styling will ever transform her from the plain girl that she is.

  17. “Anything to drink ma’am?”
    “Yes I’ll take a medium honey mustard, medium guacamole, medium hot sauce, and a diet coke.”
    “Ma’am 3 of those are condiments”
    “What’s your point?”

  18. malaka

    that was beautiful man.
    you guys are gonna make her the next legendary hall of famer of this site.

  19. crb

    Wow, Michael Cera has really bulked-up over the years!

    But why are they in the process of putting a fluorescent warning-circle around him?

    Is this some kind of cautionary tale, like those “The More You Know” stories on after-school TV?

  20. She just heard that Mischa Barton was cast on her show.

  21. Voice of Reisling

    “Where have you been! I’ve been waiting 2 hours!”

    “I got a little warm. I had to unbutton my sweater.”

  22. Nacho cheese, salsa and guacamole. Not shown is the IV port she’ll plug them into.

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    ”This could very easily be taken out of context and I think it’s funny now, but I remember looking in the mirror as a kid and it would be like for an hour at a time and I’d be like, ‘I’m just so beautiful. Everybody is so lucky that they get to look at me,”’ she told the October edition of UK Marie Claire magazine.

    I think this needed to be posted under my handle, any other just wouldn’t have been appropriate.

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