1. Jedward? What direction is Jedward? “Hey everyone, Comic Con is over. We’re headed Jedward!”

  2. EricLR

    When your hootchie is aging and worn-out and you need a little more moisture down there, use AQUAGLIDE!

  3. So Jedward, Tara Reid and some dude with a lit cigarette are all getting on an inflatable boat with a tank of gasoline onboard, out at sea with no land in sight. Ghost of Charles Darwin – I summon thee!

  4. And just like that, Mel Gibson used the last of his Hollywood money on one of the greatest Internet gambles of all time.

    Sure, there was a chance that people wouldn’t pay money to see a Tara Reid/Albino twins threesome, but that also meant that there was a chance people WOULD pay to see such a thing. And so, the first few steps towards a Skanknado, began.

  5. PathosAvenger

    Is this the set of Sharknado II?

  6. Unfortunately, the two gay Twilight vampires forgot that exposure to sunlight would kill them, leaving a befuddled Tara Reid adrift at sea, incapable of understanding the concept of a stearing wheel.

  7. Her stomach looks okay from this distance.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Please tell me she’s doing “Taradise” again, that show was fucking awesome for all the wrong reasons.

  9. This answers the age old question of how many guys does a broke actress have to blow for a ticket to Spain?

    Three. The answer was three.

  10. Please be getting on the Slice of Life, please be getting on the Slice of Life, please be getting on the Slice of Life

  11. “Hurry and secure the aqua glide brother! We must get below deck before the sun breaks through the clouds and burns our pasty white hides!”

  12. “Come bitch!”
    “I’m on the boat!”
    “Not you Tara.”

  13. fred

    Nobody is going to say it? Okay, I will.


  14. MeanMrsMustard

    Scuttle the zodiac!

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