1. “Kid, call me ‘Nana’ one more time, and it’s fucking on…”

  2. Please tell me this is via the miracle of Photoshop.

  3. Hawhat

    “This disguise only works when I’m standing in front of a window.”

  4. EricLR

    When your hootchie is aging and worn-out and you need a little more moisture down there, use AQUAGLIDE!

  5. All those years my Nana complained the nursing home people were stealing her clothes and we all just laughed and thought she was senile. Who’d have figured it was Malkovich all along?

  6. This is what we call a skort-off

  7. “Mr Malkavik, why are you wearing a dress?”

    “It’s Malcovich kid, and this is not a dress, it’s a practical unigarmet that disassembles social perceptions of gender fashion and presents a united statement of rejecting bigotry”

    “oh, but is that a purse?”

    “yes, this is my purse”

  8. Looks as if John and his friend swapped clothes.

  9. “Sometimes when my nana gets drunk, she takes off her wig”

  10. Margaret

    Hooray for King Malkovich. Fuck the norm. Malkovich!

  11. I am laughing too hard at this photo to come up with an appropriate comment.

  12. Jade

    John Malkovich appears to be winning the contest he’s having with Steven Tyler on who can be the best woman. The purse was a great move.

  13. He’s filming his new superhero movie. He plays Lesbian.

  14. This may or may not be part of the collection, but he believes himself to be a fashion designer and has been trying to get his own label off the ground.

    With pieces of art like this I don’t see how he could fail. The retirement communities in southern Florida and suburban Arizona are breaking their hips to get a look at his designs.

  15. “Are you Ms. Doubtfire?”

  16. Mammomax

    Wow, michael Stipe let himself go.

  17. Blob

    “Some day, son, all this will be yours.”
    “The curtains?”

  18. The number of people who want to be John Malkovich is rapidly dwindling.

  19. fred

    Being John Malkovich’s Grandmother.

  20. crb

    How come you wearinks da Heeelry Cleentownn pantsuit, meesta?

  21. Ina Bigbush

    Run child run! Creepy ass cracker!

  22. “You can do anything but lay off my blue silk pantsuit “

  23. rican

    So, Mr. Clean came out of the closet.

  24. I live in Stockholm and all I can say is that I am sorry. So very sorry.

  25. bdog821

    Somebody lost a bet!!!!!!!!!

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