1. dontkillthemessenger

    Here’s a Red Pill and a Blue Pill…

    Take the Red Pill and you’ll forget that you ever banged my daughter.

    If you banged my daughter, you’re definitely going to need to take the Blue Pill right away.

  2. “So there’s the red pill, and there’s the blue pill. What’s that purple one for?”
    “Oh, that’s just for me. I have acid reflux.”

  3. heey

    Yes, humans are made of carbon, this is my daughter, I’m so proud of her.

  4. heey

    ..then Harold said : ‘ Sparkly!’

  5. “I told you I’d get you a car for your birthday, and here it is.”

  6. fred

    “No shit-that’s Larry Wachowski’s dick? In that little thing? And you carry it around with you all the time?”

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