1. dontkillthemessenger

    Someone just asked her why she’s at BeautyCon?

  2. One of the saddest con jobs of all time…Beauty Con.

  3. Not sure how this is supposed to revamp her image, but Paula Deen’s new look is different, I guess.

  4. EricLR

    Yeah, I don’t know why I was invited here either.

  5. (“There goes a narwhal!”) “EEN! EEN!”

  6. Is she fat again? she looks kind of fat again.

  7. Whoever told her she was beautiful sure conned her. On a side note, if they did a human version of The Muppets, she is a shoe in for the role of Miss Piggy.

  8. heey

    famous for nothing, why does anybody give her media space? like bruce willis daughters she is a nobody, just ozzy’s daughter with undeserved attention for way too long

  9. She should be at CankleCon.

  10. “Don’t you hate it when a fart bubble just rides down your leg to the toes of your pantyhose?”

  11. Jenn

    Kelly doesn’t know why she’s gaining weight. Meanwhile, wayyy in back of XTina’s shoe closet, a little Kelly voodoo doll sits in a tub of lard soaking up calories. Gitchie gitchie yah yah, bitchhhhhhh!

  12. You misunderstood. It’s a seminar on tricking people into thinking you’re beautiful and fashionable. She was the keynote speaker.

  13. mavis davis

    Loved her in the movie Hair Spray.

  14. crb

    Wait, was that you, or me? Or the dog?


  15. This is just Jack Black with a close shave and a wig, fucking with us, right?

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