1. I love how that latex underwear thing flattens her ass to look like a 90 y o at one point when she’s dancing with that Robin dude.

  2. Yeah, Miley, you told US! Flipped us the bird! Ha! Got us!

  3. EricLR

    Uh, you have to turn your hands around for that to work from behind, sweetie.

  4. Nothing quite says “Breaking free of the child star image” quite like acting exactly like every child star who wanted to “Break free”.
    Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh.

  5. hollyhood

    pshhhh her fingers look so photoshopped in this what total bullshit

  6. PathosAvenger

    So is anyone else freaked out by the length of her fingers?

  7. She’s not going to be satisfied until Billy Ray has to watch her perform a 6 way interracial gangbang. She and Billy Ray have that in common.

  8. CrashHell

    So is this an actual invitation for the gang rape after the show, or are we just supposed to ‘crash’?

  9. It’s almost like she read a book called “How To Be A Hard Core Gangster” and then didn’t do any of that, and just acted like a spoiled brat.

  10. “…Crack three eggs and place in large bowl. Wedge cooking whisk into vagina, then use to beat eggs…”

  11. Kris Jenner

    I want to her to finger my butthole with those freakishly long fingers

  12. “My name is Barash…”

    (Obscure ST:TNG reference to freakishly long fingers.)

  13. DisneyRapeBrigade

    Finger, #BANGERZ

  14. Jesse

    Honey, we’re embarassed for you. You’re 20. This is what preteens do to seem badass.

  15. MagicMarkEr

    I thought this was actually a dude before I clicked on it. My first thought was “What’s that douchebag Justin Bieber up to now?”

  16. I am assuming the full name of the whatever song or album she is promoting is “Finger Bangerz”.

  17. Jade

    I like Justin Bieber’s fingernails.

  18. Apple

    Oh My!

  19. Stared at the pic for a long time before I read the caption. Good to find out it wasn’t Bieber’s ass after all.

  20. Jenn

    She needs to change her meds. And that ugly jacket.

  21. I thought it was “Bangerz and mash”, not “Bangerz and trash”.

  22. Jman


  23. I want to bang her ass.

  24. Interred Ferguson

    Someone could’ve told me this was a pic of that punkass bitch, Crustin’ Beaver and I wouldn’t have flinched. Miley…..pick a drastically new direction yesterday.

  25. Flatus

    No, no you’ve got it all wrong. The poor girl is clearly holding two foot long sausages to which she has inexplicably attached false nails. The Bangerz on her top is in support of international sausage week. She’s going culinary gangsta.

  26. Perceptive Pervert

    Is it coincidence that there is a sign that says trash can, right by her crotch? Or just well placed props, set up by the photographer? If second option… Thanks Billy Ray. :)

  27. Later

    FUCK YOU MILEY……… that is all.

  28. “#BANGERZ,” the name of the next Disney film she is starring in.

  29. Hugh Jazz

    The WORST way to promote a new hot dog line ever.

  30. cc

    I wouldn’t mind taking my tongue for a few laps around her poop loop.

  31. KK

    Is that a nipple on her back butt cheek?

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