1. What’s he performing as, a bike rack?

  2. EricLR

    The guy in the green shirt is wondering why that white boy has a bomb strapped to his back.

  3. The black guy wore it better.

  4. Wow, she got fat.

  5. Odbarc

    Her tits got smaller during her pregnancy.

  6. Trex

    You just know that she absolutely loves putting on a tight white shirt that proudly displays the fact that she is finally PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! I’m sure this insane woman stares at herself in the mirror for ten minutes each morning with a huge deranged smile as she lovingly caresses her stomach and thinks about all of the people who will see that she is finally PREGNANT and will treat her all special now.

  7. “Oh, my aching,bloated, pregnant body! When we get home can you rub my sore feet? I try not to fart in your face.”
    “Do I know you?”

  8. thought it was Hiliaria with a guy that will soon be missing

  9. crb

    Bitch, no; I am not trying to hold hands.

    When I make this gesture, it means, “Daddy needs more money!”

    …Does Wayne Brady need to choke a bitch?

  10. What’s the one thing a woman eats that makes her gain 40 pounds instantly?
    Wedding cake.

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