1. flaT

    Grimace is looking larger than usual.

  2. kaschuh

    It’s tomato soup – hot & creamy, I can actually feel it running down my throat! Hey – the second course is coming up. Roast beef and a baked potato! mmm mmm!

  3. Joy

    Grimace, Violet Beauregarde, whatever.

  4. You’re a fucking multi-millionaire, hire a designer!

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      She did hire a designer, more than one in fact. She just can’t seem to stop eating them, at least not before they’re done with their enormous task (so to speak).

  5. They finally brought back Purplesaurus Rex! Oh yeah!!!

  6. Flatliner

    Hmm, why does the Cheshire Cat come to mind?

  7. Poor thing just doesn’t know what to do with her hands when she’s not holding a couple of sloppy joe’s.

  8. She’s daring us…just looking us in the face and daring us to say she’s ugly. Well, challenge accepted. Lena, you’re an aggressively unattractive woman.

  9. rican

    It’s Madame Blueberry!


  11. Nice try with the camouflage, but no cigar.

  12. Discount Dracula

    “What’s Crystal … Light?”

  13. Michael

    I would pay Jim Florentine $1 million to rip this bitch on “Comedy Metal Midgets.” Can’t believe she has a fanbase. I can’t even believe that Howard Stern once bashed her (for good reason) and is now starfucking her like every other celebrity he attacked. The world is F-U-C-K-E-D!

    Give me that piece of shit show’s co-star Allison Miller any day of the week.

  14. MIRV

    Terrible, if she manages to lose weight/look and dress halfway decent/stop shoving herself in front of cameras looking like sh*t she’ll lose her fanbase…so no end in sight, I’m afraid.

  15. Great. She’s ruined purple for me.

  16. Not even 30 years old and already looks like hammered shit. It’s only going to get worse.

  17. Nut bra

    Rejected Ribena berry.

  18. cajunhawk

    Why is she leaning like that? Does she think it will make her look less schlubby?

  19. JimBB

    I love you….You hate me….

  20. Casting perfection for the Barney Live Action film.


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