1. Naked nuts (guy in foreground) and naked boobs (Cowell). Something for everyone!

  2. A nutsack doesn’t rate a pink star around here? Some of us are at work you know, I’m already on probation for an unrelated nutsack incident that I won’t get into right now.

  3. flaT

    Come on I can see one of that mans testicles. No warning? yet you star out half a nipple?

  4. “You see, Lauren! I’m not the only one with these.”
    “Simon, dear, those are large German women. I think”

  5. poopshitburger

    more like taint tropez ayyy lmao

  6. Odbarc

    Random nobody’s genitals! He’s going to sue for 10 million dollars now!

  7. Looks like Jennifer Nicole Lee’s swimsuit finally fell all the way off.

  8. I see two complete asses.

  9. That dude’s scrote is among the least offensive things in this picture.

  10. Marketing Mike

    No comment on random body parts. Did you notice
    Simon has thrown on an extra 30lbs or so recently.
    Nice shirtless look to go with those man boobs.

  11. Mmm….sandy ball sacks.

  12. Well, I guess all those commenters who go “Hey, remember when this site used to show ACTUAL nudity?” can shut up now.

  13. ^@&%#

    oh hey it’s simon cow – what the fuck?

  14. “Cock, cock, cock…cock…”
    “Shut up, Simon.”

  15. What the fuck? No warning for man ass and balls, but you pink star out any sign of nipple or vag? Sexism!

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    One ass is not like the many others.

  17. Jim

    The sad part of this scene is, all those old and overweight French men are getting WAY BETTER quality pussy [and more of it] than the average American gym rat.

  18. Just glad Simon had the decency to wear some tacky 80′s board shorts.

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