1. “Oh, she’ll lose the pudge once she gets older. Except for the ass, of course.”

  2. Live in the sweet ignorance, kid. I pity that child when she catches her first glimpse of her mother’s rise to fame.


  4. I live in North San Diego County and all weekend I thought they were practicing bombing on Camp Pendleton. But I guess it was just Kim Kardashian walking around La Jolla.

  5. yeah, I remember when I was a young lad. Mom would take me to get icecream, and we’d walk hand in hand…laughing at how wonderful and new the world was, and mom would let her tits hang out.

  6. Cock Dr

    If there was ever a bra in there it has been soundly defeated.

  7. North is already ashamed of her mother.

  8. Marketing Mike


  9. ksdfjskfjsdf

    “Hold on sweetie mommy has to put her boob back in– oh wait a camera– never mind”

  10. Marketing Mike

    I was going to make fun of how she dressed her kid,
    but those “pre-worn” designer kiddie pants probably
    cost $200.

  11. Hmm

    “Goddamn it, how much longer do I have to spend with this kid and pretend I care about her? Take the damn picture already so I can give her back to the nanny.”

  12. cajunhawk

    Yeah when I take my kid walking it’s always in fuck me stilletos, and my tits hanging out – no mom ever

  13. You can almost smell the parental love in this picture.

  14. broduhjenner

    baby’s first steps and kim’s all like “does my hair look good?”

  15. Almost everyone she knows will call her Nof.

  16. “Come on… a few more steps and I can hand you back to your mommy the nanny”

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