1. Sh’es so talented. A double threat if you will.

  2. Chicks like the one in back are the reason I’m a fucking hermit.

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa… commenter badges AND an edit feature for comments?? Fish, Photo Boy… you spoil us. Thanks!

  4. sprub

    Wow, she actually look sane

  5. Hmm

    This chick does not deserve more than $10/hr to be on that show. Talentless, the entire rest of the cast does all the work.

  6. I have no idea who she is, but I’d hit it.

  7. yes an editing feature

  8. TBH I actually thought this was Allison Mack before I saw the credits. amazing. BTW I think AM is attractive.

    due to the editing feature. and it is easier to sign in here. highly unlikely I will be using my other name:Emma Watson’s Vagina for awhile.

  9. Huh?!?

    I think Big Bang Theory would have made it through half of their first season without this chick. I have seen approximately 3.5 episodes total, counting all the times I came across the show and didn’t leave because she looked particularly hot.

    I assume that is true of many viewers, because it sure as s**t can’t be the witty dialogue. Hell…same idea got me hooked on Saved By the Bell when I was old enough to know better

  10. Those two people were never seen again. Ryan gets lonely down in his basement.

  11. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the goddamn reruns!”

  12. Smoking hot + diminished sense of her own self worth * female age panic = Madame, you had my penis’s curiosity at smoking hot, but now you have my penis’s attention.

  13. Something tells me this is the beginning of something wrong.

  14. Why does she seem to have an extra set of nipples, six inches above her actual set of nipples?

  15. beepbop

    Wtf i thought she was Jennifer Lawrence.

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