1. She’s on the phone ordering an “I’d Rather Be Dry-Humping in Barbados, Mon!” shirt from the festival she was in.

  2. Well, Diana Ross isn’t a bad look to shoot for. Beats the skank look she’s been on for a few years now.

  3. RHawk

    She did not believe that you could be struck by lightening for using a cell phone in a thunderstorm. Luckily her hair took all the damage.

  4. doodles

    For someone who apparently spends $2000 on her hair per week, it sure as hell looks like shit.

  5. ktulu

    Her body says yes but here face says I am a cracked out ghetto whore

  6. Squishy

    Much better looking with her natural hair colour!

  7. Mike701

    Will Smith does drag?

  8. Hugh Gentry

    something about her makes me want to punch her in the face

  9. tlmck

    Would not touch it, but still nice to look at even with the tats.

  10. I typed in ‘One Girl, One Cup’ and got this. Uh, what’s with the straw?

  11. Pirate Hunter

    The new face of “StranGe”

  12. Trep

    “I’m tired of these m*therf*ckin’ shankes on this m*therf*kicn’ boat!” You know, because without the hair and makeup, and her body below the neck, she looks like SLJ in this pick.

  13. alex

    glad to see the black Rhiana again – that freaky Jackson look her and beyonce were on had me wondering if they have white twins that tour for them.

  14. OnTheRealThough

    I think she looks great. I want to eat her ass.

  15. me

    Good morning starshine! The earth says “hello”!

  16. Blech

    “There is no reception, only Zuul.”

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