1. “Is this guy about to grope me?”

  2. “We had to change our story…”

  3. TomFrank


  4. “Please, sir…I don’t care how badly you were burned, I don’t want to be a graft donor!”

  5. Who’s the burn victim?

  6. RHawk

    “I’m looking for my daughter. I heard that she and the douche she’s going to marry were adopting a Jewish baby now.”

  7. Michael

    Doctor?! Why is this random elderly man in my room?

  8. doodles

    I want your kidneys! With some fava beans! “FFffff Fffffff Fffff’

  9. Rough's calzone

    *Wait till Angie sees this, I’m finally getting that long awaited phone call*

    Soldier: ugh?

  10. Cock Dr

    Why on earth is puffy n pink JV visiting men in an Israeli hospital? That can’t be good for the patients.

  11. “Hey son, how would you like to be sponge-bathed by Angelina Jolie’s absentee dad?”

  12. Ego, the living planet

    “No, no, no–I wanted to meet John Voight the dentist.”

  13. swearin

    “He’s gonna eat the pudding off my tray, I just know it…”

  14. Ismoss

    One of the decent guys in Hollywood.

  15. robert

    Looks like that guy might get John Voight’s pencil.

  16. Clown Shoes

    “No – I am serious! Hand me that pillow. He just blinked kill me, twice.”

  17. Norman Schwarzkopf?

  18. me

    Patient: You look and smell so tasty Jon Voight! I could just gobble you up!
    Jon: I know, young man, I know.

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