1. Cock Dr

    Sea monster has washed up on the beach…..RUN!

  2. Oldnslo

    Zoom giveth–bottom and zoom taketh away–top. AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING ON HER CHEST? Does it have its own name? “Hi, I’m Valeria, and this is my chest mole, Arturo!”

  3. it had to be said

    How do you “your cooter is hanging out in Spanish?”

  4. Jack Ketch

    Bad boob job, ugh …

  5. your mom

    currently regretting the zoom feature.

  6. lily

    so fake and trashy looking…good god leave something to the imagination

  7. Nik

    Is that a bush I see?

  8. Billebuoy

    Holy shit. She looks like she could really beat the living crap out of someone.

  9. Two of those three lips look over-inflated. The third one looks over-exposed.

  10. Little Tongue

    WTF is THAT???!!!

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