1. Whenever I feel less than manly, I will look to this photo… And realize at least I am not him…

  2. Perplexity

    I guess Universal Pictures is rebooting The Birdcage for a Thanksgiving Day release.

  3. jim

    “O.M.G. look at the ass on that guy…”

  4. He was doing the Dr. Evil thing with his pinky and totally missed.

  5. Trying too hard to out-do Crispin Glover.

  6. A Jew

    He looks like a gay Hitler.

  7. The Pope

    Last year it was “planking”. This year it’s “Jude Law-ing”.

  8. it had to be said

    One. MILLION. Dollars!

  9. puffpuffpass

    Tobey is practicing for his upcoming role as Dr. Evil in the new Austin Powers flick.

  10. LG

    We hold the world ransom for….1 MILL-I-ON dollars…..

  11. Schmidtler

    Looks like someone needs a good swift punch in the cock.

  12. Buddy The Elf

    “Fifty bucks the Smails kid picks his nose…”

    “Fifty bucks more says he eats it…Man that kid’ll eat anything.”

  13. Hmmm, I know I left my career around here somewhere…

  14. This behind-the-scenes of Risky Business documentary is sooo worth the wait.

  15. Gabe Kaplan

    He missed his nose.

  16. Axy

    He probably has worms from chewing his dirty fingernails.

  17. YagiSka

    And I call this portrait “Toby Maguire Eats His Boogers”.

  18. Beaver Underground

    Don’t ever let him near Elijah Wood. They already look like killers. Together they’d be like Darth Vader and the Emperor.

  19. EricLr

    Should I get the Memosa or the Bellini? Decisions, decisions.

    Ah screw it, I’ll just head over to Travolta’s for a massage.

  20. When Mario Lopez bends over, everyone pays attention.

  21. JungleRed

    And you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?”

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