1. So he’s breaking into Yoga studios wearing a blazer now? Seems like perfectly rational behavior to me….
    Don’t believe me? The dude was in SWAT… Case closed…

  2. Contusion

    And that makes sense.

  3. Yoga Suits for the sophisticated Yogi practioner

  4. The Pope

    “You’re gonna like the way you look. I fookin’ guarantee it!”

  5. Sheppy

    Epitomy of class right there.

  6. dennis

    And here I thought you couldn’t make yoga any more douchebaggery.

  7. yoga convert

    I’m sold. I’ll take yoga if I get to do naughty things to that body.

  8. Buddy The Elf

    So I guess we now have to add HEALTHY to Hipster Douchenozzle.

  9. This has Calista Flockhart written all over it.

  10. lily

    he’s a total douche, but i saw his sex tape and my god i would give him a ride any day

  11. How would a yoga instructor say, “Oh HELLLL naw!” with an Irish accent?

  12. “aye, yohga well help me to get lehd.”

  13. Gabe Kaplan

    Yoga class in Dublin is Irish for Happy hour.

  14. Don Draper's Dad

    Miami Vice really did a number on this guy.

  15. The Irish have yoga? Hmm. Learn something new everyday.

  16. In Ireland, at the end of the yoga class, instead of saying “Namaste” to each other, they take a triple-shot of Jameson’s, slap each other on the back and about the head and shoulders a few times, and say, “Fookin’ A, boyo!”

  17. Beaver Underground

    I know studios are pissed about the financial disaster that is Total Recall but didn’t think they’d take his clothes.

  18. EricLr

    Please give to the Hollywood Retard Society Aid Fund. Just look at this poor little fella who can’t even dress himself anymore. And he’s just one of thousands who need your help.

  19. YoMamma

    He’s fucking sexy and so much hotter after I’ve seen his sex tape. More like this please, fish.

  20. The ultimate in business casual attire.

  21. vgrly

    I have this urge to de-pants him.

  22. JungleRed

    In it, yoga? Sounds sexy.

  23. MoNikita

    I don’t know what yoga class I like most, the one you walk out with too many clothes on and too many facial hair like Russell Brand, or this one where they take all your clothes and hair off.

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