1. “What Me Worry?”

  2. Contusion

    David Letterman’s illegitimate daughter.

  3. jim

    Paul Scheer’s head on a hot chicks body

  4. ben dover

    look at the size of her foot – she must have a huge dick!

  5. What’s wider, the gap between her legs or the one between her teeth?

  6. Joe Blow

    What’s that weird whistling noise I hear?

  7. lily

    not a fan of the face, but what a lovely figure! that thigh gap, so jealous!

  8. Body by Auschwitz™

  9. Don Draper's Dad

    if you dont like what i say, then why dont you turn off your station

  10. Swearin

    Redneck or British?

  11. She parts her teeth down the middle to make it easier for her to strain plankton at mealtimes.

  12. I love it all. The gap between her teeth and her legs.

  13. CK

    REMEMBER THIS DAY!… as the first time in history a woman had TWO cameltoes.

  14. tlmck

    The rear view would be more interesting

  15. EricLr

    If dogs ever get opposable thumbs, there are going to be a lot of canine suicides in Hollywood.

  16. What a malnourished-looking dog… the animal could stand to gain a few too.

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