1. Perplexity

    Don’t know who you are, but at least you have a face I can forget.

  2. “You’re Szohr? I can hardly pisz!”

  3. Biff

    You’re gonna be Szohr after I get done witya.

  4. LG

    My eyes are Szohr from looking at that outfit! What a cluster F! The rose is a nice touch tho!

  5. Schmidtler

    Looks like the scientology freaks sent a goon to toss a wig on katie holmes, and drive her off to re-education camp.

  6. Buddy The Elf

    never heard of her but I’ll be googling her shortly.

  7. Yeah

    Not gunna lie… my first thought was “Wow, Chyna Looks really good!”

  8. lori

    Crystal Meth Hillbilly Chic.

  9. Bigalkie

    It seems… That EVERYONE who goes to Bootsy Bellows is a fucking asshole.

  10. EricLr

    Something tells me she has more than once woken up and had to try to figure out whether the stuff on her shirt was vomit or semen.

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