1. Frank Burns

    She looks surprisingly mono-polar in this picture.

  2. Elliott

    I wouldn’t have even remotely guessed that this hot piece of ass is the batshit crazy person herself. Somebody found their go-to filter to stick with!

  3. Corrected caption: “Britney Spears had this photo processed HEAVILY in Photoshop and then posted it to her Pinterest account.”

  4. Joe

    Crazy? Yep. Hillbilly? Yep? Bad mom? Probably.

    Center of all of my celebrity fantasies for the past decade? Yep.

  5. I doubt the internet even existed when this pic was taken

  6. So Pinterest is a place where you post decade-old photos of yourself? Cool, I guess.

  7. lily

    this picture looks about a decade old

  8. This does not pinterest me one bit.

  9. blonde

    Who brings photoshop to a beach? Seriously.

  10. suck it

    When I saw this pic on the main page, I thought to myself “wow whoever that is , she looks like a hotter version of Britney Spears.”
    Idk what filter she used, but I need it.

  11. This is how you know you’re rich : you bring your favorite photoshop artist with you on vacation.

  12. Mike D

    That was nice of Britney to take pictures of other people at the beach.

  13. This photo must have been taken right after she did the “Baby, One More Time” video.

  14. KC

    Pinterest has a new “subtract 15 years” filter.

  15. Thought bubble: “I’ve got a great idea! I think I’ll shave my head…”

  16. tito

    Did Britney mention who the person in the picture is?

  17. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Oh look, Britney found an old pic from the set of “Sometimes” in her drawer.

  18. EricLr

    Looks like someone just discovered the first KFC beachside franchise.

  19. tlmck

    That’s a pretty hot girl, but where’s Britney?

  20. Hugh Jazz

    Not pictured: George Costanza airbrushed out of background.

  21. Joaquin ingles

    I got Rick-rolled.

  22. Mardi

    I LOVE that Instagram filter! I think it’s the new one called “Early 2002.”

  23. Melvin

    Britney’s still got it. I would like to fill all of her holes with my seed, especially her anus.

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