1. Tiggles

    What man could resist grabbing Smurfette’s backside, given the chance?

  2. EricLR

    Somewhere, there is a very happy member of the Blue Man Group.

  3. If you pay even a dime for some celebrity’s handprint, you should be beaten to death with a sack full of pennies.

  4. i know a better way he can help out humanity, stop procreating with fergie.

  5. Fergie’s water broke during a heavy petting session?

  6. Porta-potty bobbing is a weird fetish.

  7. AWOL

    Sorry, it appears I have blue myself.

  8. Oh baby, leave those blue handprints all over me.

  9. Little Boy Blue… he needed the money. (Credit: Clay, Andrew Dice)

  10. I think it’s really admirable that a man like Josh Duhamel and his significant other Fergie would willing come out and admit the STD’s that they have contracted. Wait, you did say Valtrex, right? What? ValSPAR? What the fuck can you cure with house paint?

  11. I want to like him, I really do. I mean, he’s tall, handsome, has great hair…but there’s just something not quite right…Oh yeah, he sticks it in Fergie. GROSS.

  12. Blue Hand Goop.

  13. They think they can make loads of gold by auctioning off celebrity hand prints? No, no, I don’t think so. Celebrity hand jobs might have been a better idea.

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