1. I don’t know what this is all about, but I generally approve of anything that involves women in their underwear or less.

  2. Midsummer Lingerie Carnival? I’m hoping this one catches on. Halloween and Mardi Gras are little subdued up here where it’s FREEZING.

  3. Sometimes I miss living in Las Vegas.

  4. If you look closely, its body paint. There’s no fabric whatsoever

  5. This looks like the start of a great midget porn.

  6. Jenn

    Someone stuck a paintbrush in their cracks? I hope they washed the brush between each use. Ew. But that’s a neat paint job, especially the stockings.

  7. Yes, yes and yes.

  8. Shame about the shitty tattoo, but a fine piece nonetheless.

  9. crb

    Yes, girls on the sides, that Is a big ass for a small girl

  10. Who? Tattoos are a bold statement in this day and age. Rebels only, squares need not apply.

  11. head of the middle girl on the body of the 3rd with the height of the first.

  12. …one more and we’d have a bubba sparks song.

  13. Astrid

    Wow! who’s the girl in the pink?

  14. dat ass! girl in pink is adrieanne perez, trust i’d never forget a spanish culo like that

  15. Henry

    sweeet jezzus! spanish culo! muy guapa, me likey…movies?????

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