1. EricLR

    He has to carry multiple cellphones now so he always has a backup when he throws one at a wall or a paparazzo’s head.

  2. They both look a little pregnant.

  3. Apparently his pockets make him so angry he refuses to use them.

  4. What’s in your wallets?

  5. “I know what the song says, Hilaria, but in your case, you SHOULDN’T shake your moneymaker.”

  6. I’ve heard of sympathy pains, but never sympathy pregnancy.

  7. renotastic

    I shall fill my hands to avoid punching the paps.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    So when that baby graduates from college, Alec Baldwin will be 147 years-old.

  9. whatever

    a pregnant girl out with her grandpa,
    nice to see that different generations spend time together,
    what with her husband out fighting some war and her not pregnant girlfriends all off at work, she really has the time to spend with grandpa before the baby comes

  10. “I need to text Stephen and thank him for lending me his crazy eyes”

  11. Is there such a thing as too pregnant?

  12. aj

    She looked like a nice, happy girl before they got married. Now its all bitch-face.

  13. “You won the belly growing contest. Beard growing contest starts now !”

  14. ultra

    which one’s the cranky, pregnant one?

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