1. Cock Dr

    You think that the life of a Beverly Hills bimbo is all manicures and shopping?
    No, there’s a measure of pain and degradation in every job.

  2. Hey, if he wants herpes, that’s his prerogative.

  3. They misspelled nightmares…

  4. The tits are almost enough to distract me from the STDs.

  5. evilstamos

    “They’re my perogitutes!”

  6. Buying the same shade of Loreal Paris doesn’t make you twins.

  7. “Your move, Corey Feldman.”

  8. Which one of them is going to be found dead in a bathtub first?

  9. He knows the same pimp as Corey Feldman, but is smart enough for pictures from the chest up.

  10. Not “Howe”… “Why”?

  11. Wait until they find out he has no money.

  12. “My grandfather really liked your song.”

  13. nick belane

    It’s black Corey Feldman.

  14. Amazing how the photographer was able to get all five boobs into the one frame.

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