1. What the hell does he have to smile about?

  2. Qmak

    Not visible: the dog behind him on a leash that “isn’t a job, its just research for a new screenplay that I’m….oh f*ck it. Damn you Entourage.”

  3. Not Marvel

    On his way to audition for the lead in the upcoming Mickey Dolenz bio pic . . . “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees.”

  4. looks like the transformation in to ron jeremy is almost complete

  5. That’s the look every young actor has after they have popped a couple of “Luftis”

  6. Jenn

    He always looks smelly.

  7. So his new career is going to be in gay porn?

  8. Is Ron Jeremy getting a bio pic?

  9. Praying, just praying he can get a meeting for that Magnum P.I. movie.

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