1. EricLR

    How does this guy always look like a pimp, even in jeans?

  2. Always on the lookout for another woman to beat up.

  3. Shall remain single-ish as long as you dress like shit.

  4. “Just keepin’ it real, my brother… got me a little Bonne Mere Body Wash and some Shea Butter Body Lotion. Word!”

  5. It says “No Surprise There” on the back of his hat.

  6. KToThaJ

    Is he dressing like this so people stop confusing him with A-Rod?

  7. I think we know what’s in the bag…baby wipes.

  8. Ironman…less..ish

  9. mavis davis

    Begging for a stop & frisk dressed like that.

  10. At first glance thought the bag said cocaine.

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