1. Tiggles

    If the back of his t-shirt says ‘Dumbass’ there must be a truth in labeling law now.

  2. EricLR

    I’ve been to a Dude Ranch. Never been a a Douche Ranch before, though.

  3. The perfect marketing opportunity for the “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt company.

  4. You can take the skanks outta Jersey, but you cannot take the Jersey outta the skanks.

  5. This is why we can’t have nice things, America.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I think what you meant is “This is why we have Drones, America”. Gas ‘er up Sergeant.

  6. The situation must have backed out when he figured out a “dude ranch” was something else.

  7. diego

    This is, hands down, the most fucking retarded thing I’ve ever seen. There’s some poor vegetable kid with 24 chromosomes drooling down the front of his/her shirt in a Special Ed class right, and he/she doesn’t hold a candle to this shit.

  8. God it’s funny to sell urbanites the gayest fucking hats we can possibly imagine; you know, so they can “blend in”…

    Wait, you mean EVERYBODY in Hawaii doesn’t wear leis all of the time? Fuck!

  9. At least one of them picked out the correct shirt.

  10. If the shirt fits …

  11. ♪Oh give me a home
    Where the Jersey Skanks roam
    And the guidos and famewhores play.♪

  12. Just because Snooki’s wearing a tartan top, please don’t think that she’s Scottish. She’s all yours US.

  13. eilliM

    Where the fuck is Snooki’s neck?

  14. Go to school for decades and study hard so fucking dropout douchebags like this can out earn you 10 to 1.

  15. crb

    I don’t care how hardcore the douchebag version of the Calgary Stampedeis,

    not one of these skanks is gonna ride Bushwacker the required 8 seconds.

    Not even Snooki

  16. They look like two white trash parents and their two equally douchey kids.

  17. Dashwood

    “Don’t you wish we could go back to 2011? We were actually relevant then.”

  18. “Tell me the truth…no bullshit…I’m the smallest one here and people keep telling me that horses eat small people. Is it true? They won’t really try to eat me, will they?”

  19. martina

    It’s going to be okay New York, I’ve called Haz Mat.

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