1. EricLR

    Look, just get me the number of anyone not wearing a pantsuit.

  2. I am guessing he’s claiming the ‘artist’ title, given all the painting he did on Monica’s face.

  3. “Awwww skippy. I see a chubby girl with low self-esteem and daddy issues…
    Come to uncle Willy…”

  4. broduhjenner

    the national enquirer is going to have a field day with this photo. i can see it now, “bill clinton his final days.”

  5. Kodos

    “..most pimpinest President..”???

    This Arkansas shitkicker has got a long way to go before he catches up with that whoremaster JFK.

    Looks like Bubba might die of AIDS, first.

  6. “It counts as art if I write my name in the sand with Little Willy, amrite?!”

  7. “Well, the real point of our interdiction in Egypt is to assure a stable democratic goverment as well as to holy fuck I’m gonna slide my dick into that, excuse me.”

  8. Pippi Longcocking

    “Where’s the poon at?”

  9. “And when I dropped my pants she said, “HELLO Mr. President!” Then I scribbled it on her face, giving her a facial.”

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