1. JC

    Once you see her face relatively unadorned, you start to understand why she usually glues T-bones and glitter all over it.

  2. maybe we’ll get luck and she’ll fall and stab herself on her dress.

  3. She is truly a vision in what.

  4. hollyhood

    i heard a blind guy looked at her and went deaf – true story.

  5. can’t read her rat face.

  6. Screaming Meat Nugget

    What the hell is Joey Buttafuoco doing there with her?

  7. Weird dress, great body.

  8. Dorothy Hamill…

  9. Odbarc

    She went dressed as Amanda Bynes and it’s the most normal she’s ever looked.

  10. Christ. At this point showing up in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would be the most shocking thing she could do.

  11. tito

    nobody cuts in front of deniro!

  12. The bride wore a dress made of….paper.

  13. AnnaD.

    …and suddenly I have a craving for pancakes.

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