1. Guy on the left has a major case of the gay eyes for sparkle dick.

  2. Frank Burns

    “Gosh Rob, I thought you liked going home with someone with tiny breasts and a flat ass.”

  3. EricLR

    I thought only women were supposed to have the gay best friend.

  4. Fact: Those two are about to have sex with each other.

  5. “C’mon”

    “Oh, OK, what movie did you say you were a producer of?”

    “Does it matter? Your acting sucks..(head goes down)”

  6. “Of COURSE we’re gonna get kicked out if you keep taking your shirt off. You… you REALIZE that the whole sparkle thing was just a special effect, right?”

  7. Looks like Robert just got friend-zoned.

  8. “So…you’re just going to pretend we weren’t making out a few minutes ago?”

  9. wow had anyone seen robert pattinson since this pic was taken?

  10. I’m glad Pattinson has that beanie on to keep him warm during those chilly August nights in Los Angeles.

    Somewhere a teapot is missing its cozy.

  11. “Dammit Rob, when are you going to tell the world about us?”

  12. whatever

    so he IS gay, and is the ‘girl’
    how the f-ing else can you interpret the image?!

  13. I don’t care, I would. Always and forever.

  14. A real Single White Female vibe in that car.

  15. R.P: Listen, this has been the greatest weekend of my life, but…long term I don’t think this is gonna work out
    Guy on left: you mean *choking back tears* are you dumping me?
    R.P: Don’t make this harder than It has to be
    Guy on left: But I thought you liked it hard.
    R.P: GOD! seriously, that’s why no one will ever love you.

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