1. This guy is still alive?

  2. Her tits have decided they hate each other and need to be as far away from the other as possible.

  3. Echo5

    Ernest Takes DP

  4. “Tonight I’m fucking you” is always a hit with the ladies.

  5. He does know people don’t throw penises, right?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    You know a show is going badly when everyone has their middle finger pointing at the singer halfway through the first song.

  7. SupaDupa

    Dane Cook still has fans?

  8. Little Tongue

    Someday, Enrique will give an interview to let the world know that his real dad is, in fact, Mick Jagger. You read it here first.

  9. “Hold up your hand if you don’t know who I am and want me to go away!”

  10. ” ♫ ♪ To all the cocks I’ve sucked before… ♪ ♫ “

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