1. YadaYada

    Perfection. Photoshopped, no doubt. But still …

  2. Even the lighting isn’t real.

  3. Authentic items shown in this photo :

  4. The Japanese symbols on her arm are roughly translated to: “My 15 minutes are quickly drawing to a close.”

  5. Her body is mostly fake, but goddamn it’s beautiful.

  6. whatever

    she is being racists against herself, as is ms carter, remember the negative hoopla a few years aback when a magazine dared whitewash ms carter for the front cover! now they’re doing it to themselves on instagram!

  7. Until she starts doing full on nudity I don’t care. I can’t appreciate how much you paid for your car while the rain cover is still on it. Same principle.

  8. Nicki Minaj is a baboon taught to walk on its hands. Her face is a multi-colored ass and shit comes out of the hole.

  9. Geez, just show your tits and get your career over with already!

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