1. EricLR

    Arnold had a son with Jonah Hill?

  2. Looks like Magic Johnson and Arnie were banging the same mistress…

  3. Is he the maid’s special son?

  4. did chaz bono give a picture of this to the surgeon?

  5. Looks as if all his genes came from Arnold.

  6. alex

    He looks more like Agustus Gloop than The Terminator….

  7. The Pope

    “I’ll be back…after I got get my fabulous new ascot!”

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the next Chaz Bono!

  9. The Arnold genes are strong. I pray he has no female children.

  10. Get to The Choppah! (it’s a gym on Melrose).

  11. come vit mee if yoo vant twoo donuts.

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Now we know why he had the Mexican kid.

  13. Maria, you lost me at “Who you going to believe? Them or me?”

  14. At first, I thought it was crazy to think that Arnold, a rich and famous celebrity, would cheat on his wife with a doughy middle aged Mexican maid. Then I see pics of what his wife looks like and it all makes sense.

  15. The Mexican kid never gets invited anywhere.

  16. Best Buddies is the new name for Motherboy.

  17. Ken

    So, you know how lots of Hollywood couples become couples after working on a movie together?

    Did Maria play the Predator?

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