1. Looks like Dr. Nick has made the logical move into plastic surgery.

    • The thing I don’t get is why would she wear THIS dress? She has a mirror right? So she can see what we see…a dress that highlights her funhouse size implants and makes her look desperate.

  2. JC

    Don’t be so mean. She clearly has heart problems, so she had her foobs installed in such a way that the surgeons could crack open her sternum without any risk of puncturing them.

  3. I have no idea what this is, but I have the urge to put a quarter in it.

  4. “I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics.”

  5. Her tits have decided they hate each other and need to be as far away from the other as possible.

  6. I take back what I said last week about her having nice naturals

  7. Echo5

    Someone get this woman a dictionary. She seems to have misunderstood the term ‘sideboob’

  8. This is why you don’t pick your surgeon based on a 2 for 1 coupon in the LA Weekly.

  9. I know where I’m gonna land my small plane if I run into engine trouble.

  10. The Californians: You take the 405 north to the 101, exit at La Brea and continue up the middle of Nabilla Benattia’s chest.

  11. It seems the 3 breasted woman from “Total Recall” decided the middle one had to go.

  12. Batu Khan

    Are her tits trying to escape from each other?

  13. This chick could titty-fuck a half-dozen John Holmes’, side-by-each.

  14. whatever

    with small breasts that woman could have been beautiful, now it just looks atrocious
    this is a picture of a pair of UGLY big boobs
    she is oblivious to how bad she looks in the boob department

  15. Do they let just anyone attach tits to a skank’s chest? We need to stop funding cancer and AIDS research and devote our efforts to this long national nightmare.

  16. That’s terrible.

  17. If she chose a more reasonable part for her hair, toned down the make-up and took out those ugly tits, she would be hot.

  18. What a shame! She has an incredibly beautiful face (and possibly waist, hips, ass, and legs), but those terrible Tupperware tits have rendered her looks totally unremarkable.

  19. Mind the gap.

  20. WTFBruh

    Whatever. All of you guys are too busy trying to one up one another on the comments everyday, which is pathetic in itself. She’s f’n hot, fake chest or not. None of you guys (that likely look like beer belly, hunchback goblins) would kick her out of bed.

  21. “Is this where I audition for the role of blow-up doll”

  22. How can I describe the magnitude of the gap?
    It’s size of a 2-liter bottle. I’ts big enough to make even the cockiest black dude feel he doesn’t measure up. It’s so wide that despite her cup size, she can still look down and see her feet.

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