1. EricLR

    A serious actor needs a serious boom mike.

  2. He thought that was a giant snickers bar. True story.

  3. “True Story?” I thought this was an audition for “Toy Story!” Can I still be the Grimace?

  4. Kel

    Somewhere in the world, Martin Scorsese is looking at this photo and gently whispering to himself.. ” so awesome.”

  5. carpaltunnel

    You fat fuck. If you only you kept your fat mouth shut you could’ve still been the fat adored actor vs the hated obese douche.

  6. Amazing – he found a shirt that was too big for him.

  7. The Pope

    “Oh that? Funny how that got in the background of this shot. Yeah, that’s my 1998 Ford Explorer XLT. It’s a sweet ride. Just a notch down from the Eddie Bauer, but I’ve got all you need in that baby. I had a full size fridge and freezer put in, so it’s just a one seater now.”

  8. Wipe that fucking smug off your face.

  9. hey lady- with the stroller-
    u talkin to me?
    hey buddy- u there- with the briefcase-
    u talkin to me?
    hey u- hey-

  10. “I’m a serious actor dammit, take me seriously!”

  11. “No, no, no. I can’t control what other people think or say. Last week I was at a séance with Iggy Pop, Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin, Harper Lee, Warren Buffett and Drew Barrymore on Richard Branson’s space shuttle, and we got in touch with MLK Jr. The actual leader of the American civil rights movement. You know what he said? The first thing he said when we reached him on the other side was, “Is that Jonah Hill? Fucking great actor.” So I’ll just leave you with that. From Martin Luther King Jr.. Talking about me.”

  12. anonymous

    Looks like only Jonah Hill can interview Jonah Hill.

  13. Almost didn’t recognize him without his man purse and iced coffee.

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