1. EricLR

    Welcome back to the top of my dead pool, Mischa.

  2. JC

    “I told you lilac! Why did you think a fucking purple pine tree would smell like lilac? DO YOU SMELL LILAC, ASSHOLE?!?”

  3. Is this a gay Jimmy Fallon?

    Hang on, that’s a double negative.

  4. schmidtler

    Lindsay Lohan needed an assistant? I didn’t realize being an unemployed drunken whore was that much work.

  5. Seriously, if that wasn’t Mischa Fartone, you would just think it’s some junkie driving off with her dealer. Wait a minute…

  6. Chateau Marmont, Lindsay Lohan’s assistant **cough cough* drug dealer. Yeah, this will not end well.

  7. Like people do drugs at the Chateau Marmont, you guys? I know they don’t because Lindsay said she went there for the 3am prayer meetings. She said she only went there to meet Jesus and cop a gram, which I think is like a tithe or religious donation or something. So cut the malarkey.

  8. Mischa: “Is this where the dude lives”
    Gavin: “I dunno. Maybe next one over.”
    Mischa: “I hope this ride was worth it and his shit is as good as Lindsey says.”

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