1. EricLR

    No 30-year-old should look like that.

  2. The Dude


  3. And in her left hand is her meal for the day.

  4. JC

    Her insides are made of spaghetti squash.

  5. My first thought was to ask: Who is this?
    My second thought was to ask: What is this?

  6. Even Karen Carpenter said ‘have a sandwich’.

  7. Cuddles

    She could take that top off and no one would notice.

  8. Just think, the camera even adds ten pounds! Yikes.


  10. She needs to get out of the water; she is starting to get all pruny.

  11. catapostrophe

    Someone needs to harpoon that whale!

  12. Never heard of her before, but I was shocked to see that she’s 30. She could easily pass for 45.

  13. something tells me she’s not getting as much nutrition from that cup of leaves as she thinks she is.

  14. Someone get C3PO out of the water before he rusts.

  15. SupaDupa

    It’s what you’d assume Iggy Pop looked like in his younger days..

  16. Listen, you know you’re too thin when even your vagina is ripped.

  17. Cool, they’re making The Machinist 2.

  18. Drundel

    Wow, I like fit and skinny girls, but that is too thin.

  19. Doesn’t Miami Beach have laws against abuse of a corpse?

  20. whatever

    lunch in one hand, dinner in the other

  21. Sharni Vinson dying in Miami.

  22. crb

    Schwarma Venison?

  23. When she showers she has to run around in circles just to get wet.

  24. I bet Leann Rimes is soooo jealous.

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