1. Odbarc

    My only wish right now is that she’s thinking of my cock.

  2. dbag

    Wow. She’s 17. Hmmm. Wow.

  3. Oh come on… Even Hansen has to cut us a break on this one.

  4. I need a throwaway account and burner phone to say what I’m thinking.

  5. Michael

    One more year, she’ll be legal.

    Save your creamy loads until then!

  6. age of consent in New York is 17. Just a bit of unrelated trivia I googled for no particular reason.

  7. There’s simply no wrong with a picture so right…

  8. JimBB

    Almost 18, good. I’m really looking to trade up on an Olsen twin.

  9. Short Round

    Right click, Save picture until she’s 18.

  10. cc

    This picture really stresses me out.

  11. Spleen

    I wonder what else her tongue can do …

  12. Now Chris Hansen’s just fucking with us.

  13. Awwhhh, how cute. She tries to be sexy…..

  14. i want to smash that illegal ass

  15. Mmm… Is that Brody Jenner? Maybe he would like to have a three way with that old lady he’s huggin- Oh shit that’s his dad!”

  16. Swearin

    Ya know, she could’ve just seen an ice cream truck. Or a shoe sale.

  17. Hmm

    For legal reason I will have to keep my comment to myself until Feb 10th, 2015, no particular reason for that date, just seemed like a good date, you know…

  18. PassingTrue

    And *that’s* another way to prepare missles for launch.

  19. Completely unrelated to the comments above, I think she should play Thorn Havestar in the long-delayed, live-action “Bone” movie. She looks the part and can kick serious ass as well.

  20. I’ve got the strangest b… Nevermind.

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