1. Odbarc

    Can I feel it kick?

  2. Aaron

    Can I touch your tummy? When are you due?

  3. rican

    What few people know is that he dresses like that every day.

  4. Feel those kicks? He’s going to be a soccer player. He is…..he is

  5. cc

    ‘Look, I’m sorry okay, but it was Miami, I’d had couple drinks, and I felt I should hail a cab…it was an honest mistake bro.’

  6. CrashHell

    DEJALO! There are no tacos in there meng!

  7. Little Tongue

    It’s juste gas, dude.

  8. Pilin

    Mucha pachanga.

  9. “I’ve seen many bloated stomachs in my country from malnutrition. you might not make it through the night.”

  10. Hmm

    “I can feed my whole village with this man”

  11. joe

    “When’s the Big Day? Have you chosen a name yet?”

  12. Cap'n Obvious

    Holy fuck. Can I take out a life insurance policy on him?

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