1. dbag

    Where’s a lava pit when you really need one.

  2. yourmom

    I bet this shit counts towards his court mandated community service too.

  3. Figures he’d play flag football.

  4. Double dutch counts as community service?

  5. Spleen

    If only that was his reaction from the sniper getting one squarely in his chest …

  6. That look on his face, he sure did get used to landing butt first in prison.

  7. Little Tongue

    Chris finally got his butt kicked real good.

  8. Helena Handbasket

    I know something else that’s brown and floats …

  9. Swearin

    “Nice jump, Chris! How’d you do it?”
    Well, I just pictured myself doing a diving leg drop on my ex girl-…nevermind.”


  11. Hmm

    Now these types of clay pigeons could get me into the sport of shooting.

  12. donkeylicks

    So the glitch in GTA V where you drive around in an invisible car is real?!?

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