1. JimBB

    …And then sometimes the mean Press Monster wants to get all up in your face just because you drank some magic juice and hung out with a friend in another country. You kids do HATE monsters, right?

  2. “Who wants to go to north Korea with me?”

  3. cross-dressing washed-up drug-addled traitorous loser.
    Aim for the stars, kids!

  4. This, kids, is what to do with a clitoris.

  5. His wedding dress must’ve been at the cleaners.

  6. what parent in their right mind would let rodman go anywhere near their kids?

  7. Why would you let a scarf salesmen into a grade school? How many kids that age wear scarves?

  8. Art Crow

    “Waitaminit, man. These kids ain’t Korean! What am I doing in Isreal?”

  9. fred

    “Who’s got a spare fiver for Uncle Dennis?”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Okay children, if any of you touch Dennis, we have Valtrex and water for you.


  12. “You kids have little fingers. Who wants to take the suppositories out of my ass?”

  13. Swearin

    “Hey kids, I want you to pay attention to my boy’s shirt here. Dream big, and one day you too can have sex with Carmen Electra and Madonna, and hang out with heads of state!”
    “Like the President?”
    “Well, A president, yeah! President-for-life, which is even better because the people like him so much!”

  14. Hmm

    Fucked up to think this man has more rings than almost any other basketball player out there. What went wrong?

    • He was a great fucking basketball player is what happened. Then he lost his mind. Not realizing it was too sick to get far, he has been traveling the world trying to find it when all the time he only needed to look up his own ass.

  15. “And that, children, was the first time I ever sucked a dick for crack. But it wouldn’t be the last.”

  16. PassingTrue

    Welcome children to the “Anti-Career Day!” Up next we’ll have a passel of Kardashians, some Baldwins, and something called Coco.

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