1. dbag

    The ‘animals permitted’ section of the beach comes with the caveat that you must bury your pet’s waste products.

  2. Icehawg

    This time he is going to bury his victim. Good for him. He’s learning.

  3. I could make a horse face joke…or I could make a joke about infidelity…or I could swing low and say something mean about their lovely child. Instead, I’m going to take the high road and point out the dog pooping in the background.

  4. JimBB

    Ferris’s sister would be happy to know that he isn’t winning anymore.

  5. Short Round

    Don’t worry sweetheart. Daddy’s just digging a little hole for mommy to fall in. You keep distracting her now…

  6. cc

    Looks like she’s really feeling her oats.

  7. Discount Dracula

    She was actually pretty cool on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

  8. No one would blame you Matthew. They wouldn’t even take pictures.

  9. That is the EXACT outfit I would picture a gay man trying to dress like’s he’s straight would wear.

  10. fred

    The daughter is looking at her dad with disgust, embarrassed that he got dressed in the dark this morning.

  11. Vladimir

    It looks like they are trying to hard…

  12. Life moves pretty fast… If you don’t stop and hide the bodies and have your family provide you with an alibi, you just might miss it.

  13. Swearin

    Well, he led the horse to water, now can he make it drink?

  14. Pucca

    The kid is wondering …”What’s so funny”….my parents are retards.

  15. Little Tongue

    “Mom? When did you know dad was the one?”
    “Easy! He had me at sugar cube!”
    “Wasn’t it carrot bunch, honey?”
    “Oh yeah! Silly me! It WAS carrot bunch! Hahaha!”

  16. “Mommy and daddy are just horsing around”

  17. PassingTrue

    Honey, Daddy’s digging up carrots for Mommy’s lunch.

  18. Cap'n Obvious

    She’s got a pretty killer body for a chick her age. Hell, for a chick any age in this land of obese fat stains.

  19. Facts

    Matthew Broderick is burying the bodies of the two kids he killed in Ireland while driving drunk on the wrong side of the road.

    (Google it.)

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