1. Dirk Diggler

    People magazine named this monstrosity one of the most beautiful people ?

  2. Heavy is the gunt that wears the crown.

  3. Short Round

    For once it’s the sharks running scared onto the beach.

  4. The flesh eating disease on her leg started in 1988 and has yet to leave the are.

  5. JimBB

    Somewhere, Lena Dunham is jealous.

  6. i wonder why they voice cast her as a wooly mammoth in Ice Age?

  7. She’s melting.

  8. dreamcrusher

    Yup. This beast is a cover girl alright. Maybe for the Gorilla and Ape Daily. If Ellen and this beast are cover girls what chicks can be considered ugly anymore ?

  9. Her watch is pretty.

  10. She’s confused as to why people keep trying to push her into the ocean.

  11. Some folks should never be out in public in a bathing suit.

  12. cajunhawk

    Coming to theaters in 2016…Aretha starring Queen Latifah. You heard it here first.

  13. Ah, I see the manatee is going back to the ocean…

  14. That’s what Khloe would look like if OJ really was her dad.

  15. I have absolute respect for QL, but this outfit needs to be pitched. She normally does a better job of dressing to fit her body type. When you are a public figure, you can’t get away with dressing sloppy, even for a day, in public. They WILL find you.

  16. gooch

    “Ladies First” must have been composed in a buffet line.

  17. I’d never seen a whale evolve just enough to walk back into the sea.

  18. Flatliner

    Are we sure this isn’t Lawrence Taylor with a serious case of moobs?

  19. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, Photo Boy.

  20. Hmm

    Holy shit, wow.

  21. Bob-O

    Rumors about the existence of the Loch Ness Monster have finally been put to rest.

  22. tlmck

    I see Serena got off the roids.

  23. Better than seeing the Ktrash.

  24. Venus and/or Serena, unphotoshopped.

  25. “Un-fucking-believable. Those motherfucking paparazzi even caught me eight thousand miles away from California. I ain’t never going to live this one down.”

  26. dick thunder brain doctor

    In the Lily Allen Nipple post, someone said she had a body only a white man could love. Balls in your court, black guys, balls in your court.

  27. Cap'n Obvious

    I’m blind!!! I need eye bleach!

  28. Raymond Flattenberg

    Those shorts are the perfect shade of manatee grey

  29. Facts

    Oh snap, she got the underarm fat rolling. Revlon want their money back.

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