1. joe

    Someone’s Botox shipment arrived on time.

  2. Order online by 4pm and have Lisa deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Amazon Prime has collagen now??

  4. cc

    ‘Woohoo, a fresh suppy of cosmetology-grade epoxy, I am going to run home and try it!’

  5. JimBB

    Hello, FedEx? Yes, there’s been a mistake. I actually asked for Leann Rimes.

  6. I see she got a new lip stick in the mail.

  7. Art Crow

    Tom Cruise runs in all his movies.

  8. Pretty ballsy move ripping off the UPS truck on your morning jog.

  9. Mr. Zip

    ♪♪ We deliver, we deliver….we deliver for you ♪♪

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