1. “So what if she’s Jewish but she’s already in a port-a-potty?”
    “Is there a pack of ni… I mean, black men after her?”
    “Tough call”

  2. “Have you done it in a port-a-potty?”
    “Can’t say that I have. Have you done a untalented back stabbing gold digger?”

  3. cc

    ‘You asked for Kosher scotch?!’

  4. Voice of Reisling

    It would be nice for either of these men to do something new and stupid so we could have more material.


  5. “So you’re saying that YOU will play the Scot and I’ll play the Greek? Well that just might be crazy enough to work!”

  6. Art Crow

    “So, Christy Mack is single now? Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

  7. I am so utterly not surprised to see these two hanging out together.

  8. Flatliner

    Mel: ‘Hey, speaking of porta-potties, I’ve got a great idea…a porta-poticost…we could round them all up and stuff them in porta-potties you don’t intend to use.

  9. “jews” “HATE !”

  10. misobored

    Gerard “dis how Jewish chikin look.” Mel “OMG TOTES!”

  11. seat filler

    Woah? Wait? What?
    I thought they were the same dude

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