1. dbag

    Jeez. Please tell me that she actually lives there.

  2. JimBB

    heroin….heroin….heroin….maybe this guy has some….nope…..heroin….heroin…

  3. cc

    …that’s what it says on the flyers that guy in the plaid shirt is handing out.

  4. So…exactly where ARE her nipples?

  5. Why has she been looking so crazy since she got married?

  6. …whoever said it the other day nailed it: judy garland reincarnated.

  7. Liza Minelli looks like shit

  8. She should be a charter member of the Pretty Titty Committee.

  9. me

    Finally, a less annoying Fantine

  10. Facts

    Homeless never looked so good.

  11. RocketInMyPocket

    If her posture was a little better, I bet she’d be smoking hot in that outfit. But she’s American and our posture sucks. She does have amazing breasts, though.

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