1. I suspect she’s very popular on Chat Roulette.

  2. Kris Jenner

    Did she Join Myfreecams ?

  3. Just snapping a new skype profile picture…

  4. Short Round

    Little known fact: She’s a fifth level fart-typing master.

  5. FartTime with Alec?

  6. JimBB

    Thank god for Instagram. Hard to believe we once lived in a time before we could share our stretching skills.

  7. Would someone please shoot this useless bitch?

  8. “Dammit! I don’t wanna see it! you’re not even my real mom!”
    –Ireland Baldwin

  9. cc

    I love when her and I can make time to Skype.

  10. STOP already. Whatever it is you’re doing, please just stop.

  11. Yep. She definitely has worms.

  12. Katherine

    Well, she knows the perfect position to scoot across the carpet when her anal glands are full….

  13. The things I would do to this woman. Dirty, pornographic things that can’t be uttered in mixed company. The kinds of things where we’d be ashamed to look each other in the eye the next day.

  14. cajunhawk

    Online screenings for HPV are now a reality…

  15. She’s looking hilarious

  16. anonymous

    My dog does that too. I bet she eats bits of the lawn as well.

  17. Art Crow


  18. Vladimir

    All that flexibility, WASTED on Alec Baldwin…Geez.

  19. Little Tongue

    I used to sit like that like ALL THE TIME, until my chiropractor told me to stop, unless I wanted to pop a vertabrae.

  20. It’s right about here where she will ask for your credit card number.

  21. Those feet are humongous.

  22. Minky Wail

    You just know she’s posting as Mike Hunt.

  23. Hmm

    Umm, okay, she has my attention now, this is kind of hot.

  24. she sure loves airing out her vag

  25. her feet are bigger than her head

  26. Alec sure nabbed himself a keeper with this one.

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She must be Skyping with Tarantino; currently replying she’s not flexible enough to drop her feet down just a few inches more without completely falling forward.

  28. schadenfreude

    Unfortunately, Hilaria misread it as “Twatter”.

  29. Taint a selfie?

  30. Cap'n Obvious

    Jesus, this annoying cunt is starting to give the Kardashian whores a run for their money in the useless, attention-whoring cum stain competition.

  31. Facts

    The only picture of this attention wh0re I have ever liked.

    She is five minutes from starring in pr0n.

  32. Facts

    ^^ I’m picturing Ireland Baldwin’s down there lapping away. ^^

    (Hillary: “You want to pretend like you’re a lesbian? I’ll show you what lesbians do! KEEP LICKING! )

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